Empire of Manav'a

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Orosoron adventure

Our group of neophyte adventurers have begun their tale.

When our prologue begins, Lady Geldis hears about Sus Orosoron, a ruin about a mile to the west of Orosoron that is being used as an encampment by the mining operation. Despite being told that the ruins have been explored for generations and have yet to yield any secrets, Lady Geldis is conviced that she will succeed where others have not.

After gathering her friends Tyche and Tarek for a daylong jaunt, our adventurers arrive to find a filthy and busy camp of workers, guards and indentured servants. The only ruin of consequence, a small circular temple, is in the center of the camp and is being used by Lord Oretan Longshield, the mining engineer and a transplant from Koral City, the Koran capital. The group finds it guarded, and being unwilling to use guile or force to make their way inside, they decide to see if the mine offers adventure opportunities. Lady Geldis approaches Lord Longshield at the mine to inquire about any interesting developments, and he informs her that the mine has only been in service for a year, and no secret rooms or caverns have been uncovered.

The group is undeterred, and after consulting with Tarek about any unusual features nearby, Lady Geldis is excited to hear about a large escarpment about ten miles south of Sus Orosoron. The hike under the late Manav’an summer is long and rough, and with Tarek’s wilderness knowledge, our weary group arrives at the escarpment just as the sun is beginning to set. Unfortunately, Lady Geldis wore her riding boots for the hike, and is hobbling as slowly as the short gnome walks by the time the group arrives. Still, the sight at the edge of the escarpment is awe-inspiring, and the group decides to make camp as dusk arrives.

And so our group pauses until next time…


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